Our Army of Sewers

Michelle Holt has been coordinating a small team of scrub, mask and head band makers in the village and beyond.  We have been feeding the finished garments into a hub in Cirencester who then distribute them to where they are most needed.  Last week alone we sent 25 sets of scrubs across the county  from GWH Swindon maternity unit to Cheltenham ICU or local surgeries such as Park Surgery in Cirencester (attached is a picture).  I made 20 fabric masks that were required by Paternoster School in Cirencester for the staff who are still working and looking after special needs children. The scrubs are made from either donated new fabric (I persuaded Painswick Fabrics to donate 200m last week) or from sheets and duvet covers donated by individual people. Some of the sewers are elderly who are in isolation and it has given them a sense of purpose and others are just keen to contribute in any way they can including a lovely 12 year old girl!  An army of sewers around the country are working hard to support their local medical staff.  Whilst the need hasn't always been as high around here as other parts of the country I know that some of our scrubs have been sent further a field such as Tewkesbury and Devizes to support other areas. 

The Cotswold District Council are going to recognise the sewers by making a quilt made up of small squares of fabric each one bearing the name of the scrub sewer embroidered on it.  At least 6 of them will be Bibury and Arlington residents.