Pray for Ukraine.

PRAYER POINTS for Ukraine copied from 24-7 Prayer 

• Pray for a different story // Our politicians are predicting the biggest war in Europe since 1945, so let’s cry out God that he would write another story in our time; that he would tear down evil schemes and give wisdom from heaven to peacemakers seeking a less violent way. 

• Pray against fear // Pray that God would rescue those who are vulnerable from the hands of their enemies.

• Ukranian Christians // Pray for the church in Ukraine, a nation in which 70% of the population call themselves Christian. Pray that God would give them courage in this crisis, that they may proclaim the good news of the Kingdom, bind up broken hearts, and bring comfort to all who mourn.

• Salvations // Pray that God would save the lives of many people in Ukraine, bringing redemption by drawing many people to himself.

• Healing // Ask God to deliver Ukraine from evil. May he have mercy and heal this land. May he give Ukraine peace and the chance to develop as a nation that values truth, justice and freedom, all rooted in the goodness of God