Church Life and Values

Church Life


Our mission is following in the example of Jesus, acting on Gods word by learning, growing and praying together in order to love and serve  our community, all nations and the world".

Our aim is to be friendly but real with one another meeting weekly and keeping in touch during the week in a variety of ways to support and encourage one another. 

We all believe that a relationship with Gods Holy spirit gives us freedom, renewal, healing and a purpose, following in the life and teaching of Jesus is the most important thing in our lives leading to eternal life.

Prayer is a very important part of how we function together, we believe  “A prayerful church is a Powerful church” and we share this message of hope to the world at the heart of all we do.

Serving our community is our expression of our love for others and we are very active in providing support in many ways, especially to alleviate social isolation in our rural community, we also serve in many different groups and clubs here in Bibury,  Arlington and further afield. Serving the wider world in prayer and missional giving.  

We are committed and governed by following the Baptist union of G.B. Declaration of Principle

Prayer and support in every day life, crisis and beyond

Arlington Baptist Church has a strong belief in the power of Prayer, we actively pray every day, especially for our community.

If anyone would like someone to chat to and pray with, whether that be on the phone, email,  meeting privately at your home, at the church on Sunday or within our daily prayer circle then please call, email or come along on Sunday morning where we will welcome you.

We practice safeguarding when meeting together, which means there will always be two people to meet you. We encourage you to bring another member of your family or a friend if possible.