Sunday Services

Sunday morning worship is our main gathering every week, each service is different but we use a wide range of songs and hymns sometimes with a live band. Every service will include music,readings from the Bible, a short talk and prayer, the service is warm and informal but respectful to Christ and takes about an hour.

Communion is often celebrated during this service and also, opportunity for the congregation to ask  for special prayers needed.


We welcome our community to join us, we also love to welcome visitors from all over the country and around the world, we have met some amazing people and sharing our celebrations on a Sunday morning is wonderful and a chat afterwards with a coffee bringing cultures together is always fun.

Prayer in times of special need

After services there is always someone at hand to pray specific personal prayer in a quiet place or to just to chat if you would like Christian support with the ups and downs in life.

A prayerful church is a powerful church

The UK Blessing.

During Covid-19, Churches around the UK, recorded several versions of the worship song "The UK Blessing", we even have the "Cirencester Blessing", which was produced by Cirencester Baptist Church