Weddings and Baptisms


Here at Arlington we have our own Registrar and Celebrant to take the service and guide the couple through their Christian wedding ceremony, with our picturesque surroundings and charming Cotswold stone chapel to help create that perfect atmosphere. Also, we offer our internally connected "Old Schoolrooms" as a venue for your celebrations, these are fully modernised and hold 80 to 100 people.

 Please phone or email for a chat or come along on a Sunday to check out what is available. 

Wedding Photo's 

by Squib Photography

Baptismal Services

In the bible it tells us that when we make a mature decision to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ as written in the new Testament we should be baptised in water to signify rebirth into our new commitment to Christian life ,these are occasions of celebration.

Here at A.B.C. as well as a baptismal pool in the Chapel building we are blessed to have  special  permission to use part of the local river Coln in the Arlington water meadows, which makes for a more authentic Baptism, Jesus was baptised by John the baptist in the river Jordon.

Naming Ceremony Celebration

We encourage parents of Children and babies to have a celebration Naming Ceremony where the child is blessed and welcomed into the church family/community at a Sunday service

If you are interested in either of these services please contact one of our Church staff.